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Mountain Stream Radio is the brainchild of Gary Peacock, who has worked in the music industry for forty years.

Peacock has integrated his passion for the Adirondack Mountains, music, and history into a radio station that celebrates Adirondack singer-songwriters, the region's rich history, and nearly six decades of music collecting.

Peacock grew up on the northern border of the Adirondack Park; family camping trips to all corners of the Adirondack Park forever instilled a lifelong love for the region. In college, Peacock studied Adirondack history and the idea occurred to him to incorporate Adirondack historical vignettes into his format.


His years as proprietor of an independent record store exposed him to regional talent and it quickly became apparent to him how important it was to promote local and regional artists.

With a large number of Adirondack singer-songwriters to draw from it was an obvious choice to feature these artists on an Adirondack-based radio station.

The result…Mountain Stream Radio… a soundtrack for the Adirondacks.


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