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The Mountain Stream Radio format is the result of six decades spent compiling “Heart-String” songs like “In My Life” by the Beatles and “Into the Mystic” by Van Morrison. Many of these songs were compiled while working as a DJ in the Adirondacks and Northern New York and as proprietor of a local record store, where customers sought out the perfect first-dance wedding song, or special-moment song: (that song on the radio that brings to mind a first kiss.)

Folk, Americana, Bluegrass, Blues, and World Music are just a few of the genres that we feature. For Mountain Stream Radio, the genre is not as important as the ‘feeling.’

Mountain Stream also includes some of the best new music around. Both seasoned performers and new artists are a staple for us. And our ‘Signature Songs,’ which were the driving force behind Mountain Stream Radio are sure to surprise and keep you tuned in.

Listen now! And listen often!

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